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Human Rights to Water – From St.Gallen to New York

Today more than ever, the challenges in the sustainable use of water are greater and more visible worldwide. In light of the UN-Water Conference in New York in March 2023 - the first UN-Water Conference in more than 40 years - the topic of water and sanitation for all will gain further traction.

Wed. 18.01.2023


18:30 - 20:00



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Special Rapporteur on the right to water and sanitation


City Council St.Gallen, Director of the Municipal Utility

Following the inputs from Pedro Arrojo-Agudo and Peter Jans, we will discuss and exchange with the participants, the challenges and options for action in relation to the human rights to water. Our panel will include Simon Zbinden (SDC) and other stakeholders from academia and civil society.

In addition to the exchanges about this topic, this event will aim to identify and discuss global and local options for action for various actors (cities and communities, the federal government, research, students, civil society, and companies, but also for individuals and informal groups). For example, the city of St.Gallen is setting a positive example and introduced the water centime in 2022.

The event is public and entry is free; everyone is cordially invited. The keynote will be delivered in English and the panel discussion will be in German, with simultaneous interpretation (optional).

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