Promotion procedures at HSG

With the goal of supporting academic career development, we enable promotions to an associate or, if appropriate, a full professorship.

For each professorship category, there are specific requirements for a promotion.­­­­

Promotion of Assistant Professors (Tenure Track and non-Tenure Track)

Assistant professors become qualified for their position, as a rule, by means of a competitive appointment process. This position constitutes a stage in an academic career that may enable a promotion to the rank of an associate or, in certain cases, a full professorship, if their performance in teaching and research meets the requirements.

Assistant Professors undergo a mid-term evaluation within the 3rd year after their appointment. This takes place school-internally, based on the RELEAD scheme. Within their 5th year after appointment, the end-term evaluation begins. This two-step procedure is initiated by the respective school and based on the school-specific promotion criteria. In a second step, an interdepartmental evaluation is conducted by the Tenure & Promotion Committee.


The general profile for an Associate Professor is defined according to RELEAD:

Research: Very strong research performance, designing and carrying out cutting-edge research projects, having an own distinct research area, having published excellent actionable research in international, peer-reviewed journals (or equivalent outlets) in line with the tenure criteria of the school, being active in the relevant international academic community, e.g. by presenting papers at international conferences, co-organizing international academic events, and participating in international research projects

Education: Demonstrating good to excellent teaching talent in the teaching areas of the school, participating in course development and/or administration, good student evaluations, supervision of BA and MA theses. If applicable: engagement in executive education 

Leadership: Contribution to the education and promotion of PhD students and support of students and colleagues, experience as a project or research group leader. Optional: Director at a research institute 

External funding: Attracting funding from competitive third parties (SNF / ERC), helping to improve colleagues’ applications through peer-review. If applicable: attraction of funding from industry partners 

Academic citizenship: Social competences and ability to relate to colleagues at the department, across HSG and to external partners, engaging in the life of the school by actively participating in and co-organizing seminars and events 

Dissemination and outreach: Communicating research and findings to relevant audiences/outlets, engaging in outreach activities with stakeholders and close collaborations with business partners and society, media appearances

Promotion of Associate Professors

A full professorship is usually advertised and filled by a large appointment committee. Promotion from Associate Professorship to Full Professorship is possible in the case of outstanding performance, subject to the School's financial and faculty means. In the case of promotion, an appointment committee is set up for the promotion procedure.