Professorial Leadership

The Vice President's Board Research & Faculty offers HSG Professors a series of events on the topics of leadership, project management and supervision of young academics.


The President and the Vice Presidents are looking forward to welcome newly appointed professors (Full Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Senior Lecturers) to the University of St.Gallen with an introductory programme. The "Onboarding Program" is designed to make your start at the University of St.Gallen as pleasant as possible. The programme consists of four modules, which take place on two afternoons, followed by a dinner. The focus of the programme is on HSG culture, governance, research, faculty, teaching and external relations.


CAS «Excellence in PhD Supervision»

Doctoral supervision plays a crucial role in developing academic talents and is a core responsibility of tenured faculty members. Due to its relevance, the Vice President’s Board Research & Faculty offers the CAS "Excellence in Ph.D. Supervision" which enables participants to become familiar with best practices related to the professional supervision process and provides guidance.


Learning German

In cooperation with the HSG Language Center, we offer new international professors and senior researchers the opportunity to learn German, individually or in a group, and deepen their academic language skills.



We offer a leadership programme adapted to the needs of professors. 



As a special offer for female professors, the H.I.T. program should be noted. It is supported by swissuniversities and hosted by the University of Zurich (more about the H.I.T. programbrochure of H.I.T. program). 
We welcome questions and comments from your side and look forward to hearing from you: