Ph.D. in Finance (PiF)

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Ph.D. Programme in Finance (PiF)

The Ph.D. in Finance (PiF) programme is tailored towards a high-quality and internationally orientated education in financial research. It prepares students to pursue an academic career or to take up an applied research position in a central bank, an international policy institution or in the financial sector.


Recent Publications by PiF Students

Adams, Z., S. Collot & M. Kartsakli (2020). Have commodities become a financial asset? Evidence from ten years of Financialization. Energy Economics, 89: 104769.

Biener, C., M. Eling & M. Lehmann (forthcoming). Balancing the desire for privacy against the desire to hedge risk. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Ranaldo, A. & F. Somogyi (forthcoming). Asymmetric information risk in FX markets. Journal of Financial Economics.

Ranaldo, A., P. Schaffner & M. Vasios (forthcoming). Regulatory Effects on Short-Term Interest Rates. Journal of Financial Economics.



Ph.D. Programme in Finance
Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance
University of St.Gallen
Unterer Graben 21
9000 St.Gallen, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Tereza Tykvová
Academic Director
Phone: +41 71 224 70 90