HSG Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Do you find yourself in a difficult situation? The HSG advisory and counseling services are here to help. 

You may find an overview of our advisory services here

The following advisory services will take care of specific questions related to your doctoral studies: 

The PhD Office is responsible for all administrative matters related to your doctoral studies, from course enrolment, grade assignments, various confirmations, submission of the preliminary study and dissertation to the graduation.


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Opening hours PhD Office: Monday-Friday from 10.00-12.00h
Email: or

If you have specific questions related to the individual programmes, please contact your executive director: 

Management (PMA)

Prof. Dr. Arthur Stenzel

Economics and Finance (PEF) Dr. Mirela Keuschnigg,
International Affairs and Policial Economy (DIA) Dr. Mirela Keuschnigg,
Economics and Econometrics (PEcon) Dr. Mirela Keuschnigg,
Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (DOK) Prof. Dr. Felix Keller
Law (DLS) Dr. Katrin Krehan,
Finance (PiF) Dr. Mirela Keuschnigg,
Computer Science (DCS) Marcel Cahenzli, M.A.


  • If you have any questions related to research funding, please contact the Grants Office

                              Grants Office St. Gallen
Tellstrasse 2
                              9000 St. Gallen
                              Phone: +41 71 224 7609

  • If you have any questions related to empirical research, qualitative and quantitative methods, please contact the Data and Method Consulting
  • The HSG library supports researchers in using data and other digital objects and in making their research results, such as publications and research data, highly visible and accessible
  • The HSG Writing Lab as well as the Early Career Programme offer support related to your writing process: 

                             Writing Lab
                             Tel.: +41 71 224 2886

The Centre of Learning and Teachingin Higher Education offers individual advice and training on teaching, learning and presentation skills.

                             Centre of Learning and Teaching​​​​​​​in Higher Education​​​​​​​
                             Tel.: +41 71 224 26 30

If you have questions related to non-academic careers or need career counseling, please contact the Career Service Center

Career & Corporate Services
Opening Hours: 
Mo, Tue, Thur: 10.00 - 12.00 Uhr
Wed:  13.00 - 15.00 Uhr

+41 (0) 71 224 31 00

If you have questions related to academic career paths, please feel free to contact the Faculty Develpment team:


The Psychological Counselling Services offer professional psychological support, advice and guidance for all life situations.  The Team is trained and experienced in helping clients cope with stressful situations and psychological crises caused by professional, study-related or personal circumstances. The Counselling Services are open to all HSG students and staff.

Counselling is subject to confidentiality and free of charge.

Psychological Counselling Services
Girtannerstrasse 6 (Ground floor, room 54-008)
CH-9010 St.Gallen
Phone: +41 (0)71 224 2639