• Cultures of Movement – (Im)Mobility, Affect and the Tango Laboratory (with Arno Plass) (Spring Semester 2024)
  • Ethnography (PhD Colloquium DOK) (Autumn Semester 2023)
  • Tango Fever – Transcultural, mobile and gendered trajectories of relational movement, University of St.Gallen (Autumn Semester 2023)
  • Figures of Un/Deservingness - Exploring Inequality through Research and Comic Art (with Giulio Camagni and Andreas Streinzer) incl. Exhibition in the SQUARE, November 4th 2022, 19h


  • Ethnographies of (Im)Mobility - Exploring Migration, Borders and Inequality in Europe and Beyond
  • Citizenship: Theorizing Belonging, Power and Deservingness
  • Borders, Migrants, Ideologies: Contemporary Fears and Politics in Europe and its Fringes
  • Deservingness - Debating Inequality and „Culture“ in times of Crisis (with Andreas Streinzer)
  • Orientalismus, Balkanismus, Okzidentalismus: Konstruktionen des „Fremden“
  • Knowledge, Power, Culture - Rethinking (former) Yugoslavia (with Sandra King-Savic)
  • Re-Imagining the Balkans: Critical Intersectional Perspectives and Comparisons
  • Migration, Zugehörigkeit, Macht: Transkulturelle Perspektiven in bewegten Zeiten
  • Kultur, Diversität und (Moral)-Ökonomie - Überlegungen und Fallbeispiele aus Süd-/Osteuropa
  • Workshop Cultures

Themengebiete für das Verfassen von Arbeiten

  • Culture/Transculturality/Culturalization
  • (Forced) Migration and Border Studies
  • Inequality & Un/Deservingness
  • Citizenship
  • Transnationalism and Diaspora
  • Morality/Moral Economy
  • Education
  • Tango
  • Religion
  • Memory/Historicity
  • Nationalism/Populism
  • (Post)socialist and (Post)Conflict Societies

Betreute Arbeiten (BA, MA, PhD) (Auswahl)

  • «Der Balkanslang» - Wie die Balkansprachen die Sprechweise von Jugendlichen aus der Deutschschweiz beeinflussen
  • Notions of Feminism in Switzerland: The developments of sentiments and the discontinuation in achievements
  • Strike a Balance. What socioeconomic and political implications does China’s One Belt One Road Initiative have for Serbia?
  • "Un/Deserving To “Be Swiss”: Re-Assessing “Schweizermachen” and Dual Citizenship"
  • "Productive Families and Capable Mothers: Un/Deservingness in Hungarian Family Policy"
  • The "Second Migration"? The Life of Elderly Migrants Between Switzerland and Serbia
  • The Financialization of Everyday Life – Interdisciplinary Insights
  • Challenges Of Restructuring the Education System in Vukovar: An Analysis of The Failure of the Intercultural School Project
  • The European Refugee Policy After the Migration Crisis: Comparative Perspectives from Southeastern Europe
  • Challenges Along the Balkan Route: A Comparison of the Border Crossings Between Greece-North Macedonia and Serbia-Hungary
  • Citizenship In Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Review of the Role of Citizenship Before and After the Breakup of Yugoslavia
  • Right-Wing Populism in Switzerland: Opportunities and Challenges for Swiss Companies in the Context of a Globalized Economy
  • History Writing and Revisionism in The Balkans: A Case-Study of Montenegro
  • The „De-Balkanization“ of Albania And Serbia: A Cultural-Historical Comparison
  • Transit Migration States Today: A Comparative Analysis of Morocco and Serbia
  • The Populist Instrumentalization of the “Refugee Crisis” in Hungary and Serbia
  • Belonging and Citizenship - Perspectives of Secondos and Secondas from Former Yugoslavia

Jelena Tosic

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