Der Lehrstuhl für Italienische Kultur und Gesellschaft ist in der Schweiz und im Ausland wissenschaftlich und öffentlichkeitswirksam tätig. Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl aktueller Vorlesungen, Vorträge und Podiumsteilnahmen:



Federico Luisetti "Being a Stone. On the Ecology of Non-life", Zeichenwende. Ästhetik und Anthropozän, Universität St. Gallen, November 9/10, 2023 

Rony Emmenegger, Federico Luisetti "An African Anthropocene?", IASC 2023 Nairobi, June 19-24, 2023

Flurina Gradin "Biotope Topologies: Sensing Unruly Natures and Hybrid Ecologies", Languages of the Anthropocene", British School at Rome, June 20-22, 2023

Federico Luisetti "Governance Principles - Cultivating common sense in the Pluriverse", Agile Governance Summit, World Economic Forum, Tokyo, April 27, 2023

Rony Emmenegger "Landscapes in Deep Time: Nuclear Waste Governance in Switzerland", Writing Urban Landscapes of the Anthropocene, LUS Methodology Seminar, ETH Zurich, March 17, 2023.



Rony Emmenegger "Landscapes of Resistance: On the Politics of Nuclear Waste Disposal in Switzerland", Political Landscapes, Trondheim, November 18, 2022

Federico Luisetti "On the Crisis of Presence", Aesthetics and Critique, Kunsthalle Friart - Université de Fribourg, November 11, 2022

Flurina Gradin "Infrapolitical Natures: Designing Notions of Relationship", Swiss Design Network Research Summit 2022, October 27, 2022

Flurina Gradin "Zukunftsbilder entwickeln und reflektieren – Wie kann TD-Forschung helfen, gesellschaftliche Vorstellungsräume zu erweitern?", ITD-CH 2022, Campus OST, Rapperswil, September 7, 2022

Rony Emmenegger with the IsoBATH Collective "The Nuclear Spike", so-da Space, Zurich, May 25 - June 13, 2022

Federico Luisetti  "L’insegnamento della lingua e cultura italiana in Svizzera", L’italofonia e il ruolo del servizio pubblico dei media, CORSI - SSR, Forum St. Katharinen, St. Gallen, May 7, 2022

Federico Luisetti "Earth beings / Contronature", Master in the Environmental Humanities, Roma Tre University, April 22, 2022

Flurina Gradin, Marco Malvestio, Marcel Rickli "A Terrible Goddess. Vegetal Agency and Radioactivity in Caltiki, The Immortal Monster (1959)", public film screening and discussion. Zurich, April 20. 

Federico Luisetti "Unruly topologies and the rights of nature", Academic Poster Session, Sustainability Week 2022, Delegates Team for Responsibility and Sustainability, University of St. Gallen, March 14, 2022

Federico Luisetti "Earth Beings at the Commodity Frontiers", Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR), University of Amsterdam, February 25, 2022 



Flurina Gradin "Landschaft und Emanzipation – eine Topologische Spurensuche”, public lecture series “50 Jahre Frauenstimmrecht: St. Galler Perspektiven", University of St. Gallen, November 15, 2021

Federico Luisetti "Stato di natura. Ecologie-mondo tra Giacomo Leopardi e Giuseppe Penone", Cattedre svizzere di italianistica,, October 6, 2021

Flurina Gradin, Marco Malvestio "Speculative Eco-Futures" Retooling Knowledge, Franklin University, September 12, 2021

Federico Luisetti "Earth Beings: an Ecopolitical paradigm?" Retooling Knowledge, Franklin University, September 10, 2021

Federico Luisetti "Earth Beings and the Neoliberal State of Nature", École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS)/, Revue des Livres, des idées et des écologies, Paris, February 10, 2021

Federico Luisetti "Contemporary Debates on the Ecological Crisis", Potential World 2, Migros Museum, Zurich, January 18, 2021



Federico Luisetti "Decolonizing nature", Epidemos Guest Seminar Series, The University of Edinburgh, November 11, 2020

Federico Luisetti “Earth Beings", Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2020, ETH Zurich, November 7, 2020

Federico Luisetti “Pandemic Injustice", Imagining the Post-Coronavirus World, AURO University, Surat, May 4, 2020

Federico Luisetti “Speculative Earth. On Geopower and Counternatures", Centre for Culture and Ecology and the Department of Geography, Durham University, January 10, 2020



Federico Luisetti “Energy Objects: Unsustainable Art and the Zero Waste Economy", Aix-Marseille Université/LESA, November 28, 2019

Federico Luisetti “On Ecocolonialism and Speculative Crime Scenes", ICI Berlin, November 18, 2019

Federico Luisetti “What Can Anthropocenologists Learn from Earthworks?" Art in the Anthropocene, Trinity College Dublin, June 7, 2019

Federico Luisetti "Pier Paolo Pasolini: Realism without History", Department of Romance and Latin American Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 5, 2019

Federico Luisetti “Wasting the Crisis. Anthropocenic Extinctions and Neoliberal Circular Natures", Beyond Recycling. Crossed Perspectives on the Management of Waste, Remains and Surplus, University of Geneva, February 4, 2019


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