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Vision and general principles

We aim high. Our vision as well as the general and specific principles are helping us reach our education and research goals.

Main Building of the University of St.Gallen (HSG)

As one of Europe’s leading business universities, we are recognised globally as a place for thought leadership on current economic, business, and societal matters and for the development of talent able to integrate perspectives and act both entrepreneurially and responsibly.

General Principles
To this end, we strengthen and develop:

  • the long-standing HSG culture of trust, mutual respect, and cooperation between students,
    faculty, and administration;
  • the integration of economic, legal, social, and cultural perspectives, as well as international affairs, as a basis for analysing contemporary challenges in society and the economy;
  • the promotion of lifelong learning from degree course studies to executive education with the active involvement of the HSG’s alumni;
  • the involvement of students in the development of the HSG and their lifelong ties to the University;
  • promoting interaction between faculty and students in an environment characterised by diversity;
  • a research culture that prizes excellence and that fully committed to academic freedom;
  • entrepreneurial platforms – such as the institutes, course programmes and Schools – that attain the objectives of the University as a whole and are sustained by the initiative of students and faculty;
  • the synergetic development of regional and international roots;
  • an effective, inspiring campus infrastructure and a service-oriented administration;
  • a size that permits the HSG to create its own profile, to pursue a sensible internal division of labour, and to enhance its position on the international academic arena, while still allowing for personal development and flexible, pragmatic structures.

Further information

View towards the glass pyramid of the university's Library Building surrounded by an autumnal scenery.



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