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Structure of the HSG

We receive support from the canton of St.Gallen. The Cantonal Council and government take supervisory roles. The Board of Governors is the highest body.

Bibliotheksgebäude der Universität St.Gallen.

Structure of the HSG
Board of Governors   The Board of Governors is the highest body of the HSG. It is elected by the cantonal council of St.Gallen and consists of 11 members. The president is the director of the education department.
Senate The Senate is our highest academic body, consisting of full professors and associate professors. The president and five additional members represent the junior faculty and the Student Union in the Senate.
President's Board The President and President's Board manage the university.
Junior faculty The junior faculty represents the interests of its members. Its members are permanent lecturers, junior lecturers and associate lecturers as well as assistants and academic staff.
Student Union The Student Union represents the interests of students in important bodies and provides student services.
Schools We have five schools.
Institutes The HSG institutes play a major role in training junior research staff. They train institute staff at the point of intersection between academia and the professional world, thus fostering the creation of spin-off companies originating from within our sphere.

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