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HSG – up close and personal

Come and find out all about us. As part of our public-access programme, you can experience our professors and lecturers live.

We do not just convey our expertise to our students, but also put it across in public events and to people interested who do not study at our university.

The public lectures offer a whole range of topics – from traditional business topics, to art and literature, to politics and psychology. The programme of lectures changes every six months.

The idea of our children's university is to teach children about issues relevant to them in society in addition to what they learn at school. Our lectures for children are held by full professors of our university. In our independent lectures, we refer to day-to-day situations and examples drawn from the children’s environment.

During the guided tour of the HSG, you will see that the University is more than a seat of learning and science. You can find out more about vision, facts and history. Our university is home to many important works of art that are simply waiting to be discovered. We offer guided tour of the HSG or (only) guided art tours.


Further information

Insight into the brightly illuminated corridor within the Main Building of the University of St.Gallen by night.


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