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Marketing, Services and Communication Management (MSC)


You focus on customers. You are a future executive. You consider theory in conjunction with practice to be important.
Nowadays, customer-focused management is a prerequisite for success. With the customer value approach that we have developed, we face this challenge in an innovative way. Customer value is the perceived value of customers for the process of cooperation and a provider’s products and/or services.

Career outlook

As an MSC graduate, you are widely qualified, and your competencies include

  • an integrated understanding of corporate management from a customer’s point of view and of the generation of customer value;
  • an in-depth understanding of the dynamic forces of the market, of transformation processes and of business models that are able to succeed in at least two application areas;
  • a communication and conceptualisation competence that has been tried and tested by project experience in immediate contacts with practice and academia.


Further information

Further information