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Book and Publishing Studies

We offer students an education with a practical and interdisciplinary focus, preparing them for the book and media industry.

Universität St.Gallen

University certificate
The interdisciplinary Certificate in Book and Publishing Studies is a qualification at the Bachelor’s Level. A university certificate is awarded upon completion of this additional qualification.

Book and media industry
The certificate course consists of specific business and economic, legal and cultural knowledge for an occupation in the book and media industry. Our courses are hands-on and practical.

Latest developments
Topics are not restricted to classic themes such as copyright, piracy or book price fixing. The latest developments in the industry are also a key theme. Subjects like digitalisation, the interdependency of new technologies (e-books, iPad and social media) and alternative business models as well as socio-cultural changes are particularly relevant.

Networked understanding
The objective of the Certificate in Book and Publishing Studies is to develop a comprehensive and networked understanding of the significantly changing book and media market based on current issues and to evaluate alternative courses of action.

Career opportunities
This additional qualification opens up further career opportunities as media are an important communication instrument in all industries and a value-adding component of companies. Those who are systematically working towards an occupation in a media company will greatly benefit from this additional qualification.

Our Certificate in Book and Publishing Studies is offered in German. For detailed information about this certificate, please refer to the German version of this page. 

Further information

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