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The Assessment Year

The Assessment Year introduces you to various disciplines and familiarises you with the aims and expectations of the University of St.Gallen and forms the basis for your further studies.

A diagram shows the three pillar and three level system for the studies at the University of St.Gallen.

Since Autumn Semester 2013, the Assessment Year introduced two separate language tracks (German/English) in order to improve teacher/student ratio. There is an option between studying in German (German track) or in English (English track). In the German-language track of the Assessment Year you can pursue your studies in an economic or a legal area of specialisation. In the English-language track, only the economic area of specialisation is offered.

Whoever wishes to complete the Assessment Year in German (studies in the German track), must demonstrate a proficiency level of German B2 (GER) before taking up studies. Whoever wishes to complete the Assessment Year in English (studies in the English track), must demonstrate a proficiency level of English B2 (GER) before taking up studies.

However, for the English track, we recommend a proficiency level of English C1 (GER) and offer a free language test. Please send an email to sprachenzentrum@unisg.ch. Foreign-language students in the English track also must to provide information about the level of their knowledge of German.

During your first two semesters at the HSG, you will develop your study skills and work strategies, as well as the basic academic skills required for you to succeed in your studies. At the same time, the first year of studies helps to reconcile the requirements of the university with the expectations of the students.

Course curriculum 
The course consists of core studies and contextual studies. Core studies are divided up into contact studies and independent studies. Contact studies include the core subjects Business Administration, Economics, Law and other relevant areas. Contextual studies consist of the following areas of competence:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Awareness

The sub-areas of contextual studies during the Assessment Year include:

  • The area of Leadership Skills includes courses in “Introduction to academic writing” as well as “Integrative Project”.
  • As part of the Critical Thinking area you can choose from courses in History, Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology.
  • In the area of Cultural Awareness you can choose from a range of foreign language courses.

You will be required to complete different types of exams over the course of the academic year. Besides traditional comprehensive written examinations, there are also seminar papers, group works, oral examinations and presentations to be completed.

Admission to the individual majors
If you have completed the Assessment Year with specialisation in Economics, you can begin with the majors in Business Administration, Economics, International Affairs or Law and Economics. If you have chosen the Assessment Year with specialisation in Law you can begin with the major in Law. However, you may also change the specialisation during the further course of your Bachelor's studies: In this case you have to complete either Mathematics or Law II of the Assessment Year as supplementary work.

Students who do not pass the Assessment Year may only repeat it once, in its entirety. All examination parts need to be taken again. Crediting is not possible, with the exception of the accountancy examination.

Further information

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