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Law School (LS-HSG)

Markus Müller-Chen, Dean LS-HSG 2015-2017

to have law on your side

We offer ideal study opportunities for law students. We are also committed to research and further education.

Degree courses cover the fields of private, commercial and business law, as well as public law.

Chairs of the Law School (HSG)

Why study law?

Our legal studies courses provide an excellent foundation for a successful career.

Students are offered ideal conditions for developing their talents and interests as well as learning the skills required for legal practice.

Reasons for studying at the Law School (HSG)

Law at the HSG

Law at the HSG
Law at the HSG


New Dean Law School
Prof. Dr. Markus Müller-Chen, professor for private law, (international) private and commercial law as well as comparative law serves as the new Dean as of February 1, 2015. Prof. Dr. Lukas Gschwend, the former Dean (2011-2014) has been elected to the President's Board of the University of St.Gallen where he is a vice-president in charge of teaching. Before him Prof. Dr. Vito Roberto held this position (2011-2014). A warm thank-you to our colleagues for their dedication and commitment.

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Studying at the Law School

Students in the foyer of the library building

News and current events

Studierende im Hauptegbäude der Universität St.Gallen
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