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Faculty profile

Teaching and research competencies

The competencies of the Faculty of French are centred around literature, film studies and media history with particular focus on the twentieth century as well as French cultural history with particular emphasis on interfaces between culture and politics.

The Faculty is also responsible for French language teaching at Assessment and Bachelor’s Level. Each year, 6 different courses catering for 35 different skill levels are provided in this area.

The Chair of the Department of French Language and Literature, Prof. Vincent Kaufmann, is also Director of the Institute for Media and Communication Management (MCM 3 Chair: Media and Culture). Thus, the activities of the faculty have a strong focus on media studies.

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You can also find us at the Research Institute for “Media and Culture” (MCM 3) at the MCM Institute


University of St.Gallen
French Language and Literature
Blumenbergplatz 9
9000 St. Gallen

Prof. Dr. Vincent Kaufmann

Dr. Sophie Rudolph

Noémie Christen