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Recognised quality

The University of St.Gallen is among the front-runners in higher education business programmes. International seals of quality and global ranking results attest to this fact.

We consider the high standard of internationally-recognised quality of our programmes and performance to be essential. As a result, we have taken comprehensive steps to in the areas of quality assurance and development.

Independent accreditation experts assess our institution based on the highest international quality standards. As a result, we have been EQUIS accredited since 2001 and AACSB accredited since 2003 – the two most prestigious international seals of quality for business schools.

Since 2003, the Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ) has regularly performed quality audits designed to assess the internal quality assurance systems of all Swiss public universities. Teams of quality experts utilise international criteria to assess how the internal quality assurance system of a university functions and how it supports the study programmes. The audit is a prerequisite for the entitlement to federal financial support.

Rankings are carried out today for all of our areas of activity: teaching, research and further education. The rankings examine individual courses of study, disciplines, types of programmes and the university as a whole. Rankings exist on the national level, according to language areas and at European and global levels.

Ranking goals and methods
The goals and methods of rankings are as varied as the ranking providers themselves. In this respect, the media is also playing an increasingly important role in addition to the educational institutions' role as educational providers. Consequently, the definitions of quality and what constitutes “education” are diverse. The same applies to the methods used for measuring these various aspects.

Further information

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