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Are you interested in writing a thesis (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate) at the Chair for Law and Economics? Please get in touch with Prof. Anne van Aaken.

Research works presently under supervision by Prof. van Aaken:


  • "Law and Economics of Personalized Medicine" (Karin Bosshard, St. Gallen)
  • "Framing an Efficient Rule of Attribution for Imposition of State Responsibility for Acts of Non State Actors" (Bulbul Khaitan, (Hamburg, Graduiertenkolleg)
  • "The Law on International Responsibility – a Legal and Economics Analysis" (Julia Lemke, Hamburg, Graduiertenkolleg)
  • "Large Scale Agricultural Investments: A Law and Economics Analysis" (Luis Tomás Montilla Fernández, Hamburg)
  • "The WTO and the Industrial Export Subsidies in Brazil, Chile and Argentina" (Jose Caiado, Hamburg) 
  • "International Investment Law and Sustainable Development" (Tobias Lehmann, St.Gallen) 
  • "The Law and Economics of Online Dispute Resolution B2B" (Farzaneh Badii, Hamburg)


  • "Are the behavioral assumptions of major legal theories in line with the REM-hypothesis and recent findings in behavioral economics?" (Claudio Gür, MLE)
  • "Behavioural Insights into International Arbitration: an Analysis on how to De-bias Arbitrators" (Jan-Philip Elm, MLE)
  • "Stabilisierungsklauseln und Menschenrechte: Zielkonflikte und Lösungsmöglichkeiten" (Sarah Vettiger, MLE) 
  • "Der Fall NML Capital versus Argentinien und die Auswirkungen auf die Anreizstruktur von Staatsanleihen hinsichtlich Restrukturierungen" (Luc Wüst, MLE)
  • "Controversy about an ISDS-Mechanism in the TTIP - Implications and Challenges from an EU Perspective" (Sandro Fehlmann, MLE) 
  • "Flexibility Mechanisms in Human Rights Treaties" (Gentiana Imeri, MLE) 




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