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Honorary doctor

The Honorary Doctor of Economics is awarded for outstanding merit in the economic sciences or in the practice of business.

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Honorary Doctor of Economics 2014
Prof. Guido Imbens, PhD
The University of St. Gallen honours Prof. Guido Imbens, PhD, for his outstanding research in the field of the econometrics foundations of empirical evidence based policy analysis.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2012
Prof. Richard Baldwin, Ph.D.
The University of St. Gallen honours Prof. Richard Baldwin, Ph.D., for his outstanding research in the field of international economics, as well as his engagement in the economic policy debate. The insights from his research contribute in a substantial way to a better appreciation of global economic and financial crises.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2011
Prof. Lars-Hendrik Röller
The University of St.Gallen honours Professor Lars-Hendrik Röller for his outstanding contributions to Applied Microeconomics and to the Enforcement of EU Competition Law.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2010
Prof. Lans Bovenberg
The University of St.Gallen honours Professor Lans Bovenberg for his outstanding contributions to “developing economic theory, particularly in area of public finance and environmental economics and for his efforts to transform this into political practice, most notably in the area of old-age provisions”.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2009
Prof. Gene M. Grossman

The University of St.Gallen honours Professor Gene M. Grossman for his outstanding contributions to the areas of trade and growth, trade and political economy and, more recently, to the theory of trade and the international organization of firms.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2008
Prof. Robert H. Frank

The University of St.Gallen honours Professor Robert H. Frank for his outstanding contributions towards the continuing development of economic theory and the application of this theory to urgent problems of our modern societies.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2007
Prof. Joshua D. Angrist
The University of St.Gallen honours Professor Joshua D. Angrist's outstanding and pioneering contributions to the foundations of econometrics as well as his path-breaking empirical analyses of policy questions.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2006
Prof. Olivia Mitchell
The University of St.Gallen honours both her pionieering contributions to the theory and practice of pension economics and finance, as well as her professional services to the scientific community and to policy makers around the world.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2005
Prof. Roger H. Gordon

In bestowing the degree of an honorary doctorate in economics, the University of St.Gallen wishes to appreciate the exceptionally important and innovative scientific contributions of Professor Roger H. Gordon. The award recognizes both his pioneering theoretical and empirical research in the fields of economics and public economics as well as his professional services to the scientific community as an editor of leading economics journals.

Honorary Doctor of Economics 2003
Professor Richard Blundell
The University of St.Gallen honours his path-breaking contributions in the field of applied microeconometric analysis of individual behaviour. Richard Blundell shows in an outstanding way how an appropriate synthesis of economic theory and econometric methods results in high quality recommendations for economic policy.

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