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Artists in a video interview

In our art interviews artists whose works can be seen at the HSG speak about their work and their ideas about art: from Roman Signer to Yan Pei-Ming and Félix de la Concha.

video: art interviews
The University of St.Gallen (HSG) is home to many works of art. Since the 1960s, a collection has been accumulated which would do credit to any museum. When new works are acquired, the dialogue between art and architecture, between everyday student life and artistic creation, also plays a central part. Or as the Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming encapsulates it in the video interview:

“The students who come here are like sponges: they absorb everything. This is why this is an ideal place for an exhibition. It is also a place where people don’t stay on. People come here to study. A few years later they leave and a new generation arrives. The work lives on in new onlookers.”

art@tell Edition 2015 (04/30/2015)
Artistic works from Raúl Rebolledo (Mexico), Javier Artero (Spain), Sara Benaglia (Italy), Warattaya Bullôt (New Zealand) and Jiwon Kim (South Korea) are central to the 2015-edition of "art@tell". In our video interview the artists talk about the relationship between violence and art, museum-selfies and video works (almost ) without any movement.

Art at Tellstrasse II, part 2 Lewis Davidson, Allyson Glenn and Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (09/26/2014) 
In the second part of the interview series for the Art@Tell-Edition 2/2014 artists Lewis Davidson, Allyson Glenn and Sarawut Chutiwongpeti speak about national identity, sculptural paintings and the artist's role. What is the function of atmosphere and harmony in the works of Thai artist Chutiwongpeti and what characterizes Lewis Davidson's conceptual pieces? (part 2 of 2)

Art at Tellstrasse II: Agnes Prammer and Ruth Le Gear in a video interview (09/22/2014)
The University’s Tellstrasse location is also a venue for emerging artists from different cultural backgrounds. The Edition 2/2014 combines various art forms under one roof. Agnes Prammer explores the boundary between documentary and staged photography, while Ruth Le Gear uses scientific findings and combines them with mystical themes in her installation. An art interview. (part 1 of 2)


Art interview Gerhard Richter (06/16/2014)
The artist Gerhard Richter about his painting "St. Gallen", his difficulties with the art world and some of his own pictures. A video interview on the occasion of his exhibition "Images / Series", which is on display from May 18th to September 7th, 2014 at the Fondation Beyeler. (in German)

Art interview Felice Varini (02/06/2014)
The Swiss artist Felice Varini on three-dimensional paintings, the art of geometric shapes and his latest work which is permanently installed in the Library Building of the University St.Gallen. A video interview (in French).

Art at Tellstrasse: Clarissa Tossin, Sameer Tawde, Anatoliy Babiychuk und Yooree Yang in a video interview. (01/31/2014)
Clarissa Tossin, Sameer Tawde, Anatoliy Babiychuk and Yooree Yang present their works currently on display in the University building on Tellstrasse. In our video interview they talk about art as a method of knowledge, changes of perspective and the correlation between concept and art.


Savanna Barrett: "Mentor". Story of a painting.(12/6/2013)
The New York-based artist Savanna Barrett about her painting "Mentor", the sculptural side of her work and the relationship between concept, time and oil painting. A video interview.


«Panorama WBZ. Through the Looking-Glass» (1/22/2013)
The Spanish artist Félix de la Concha on his work “Panorama WBZ. Through the Looking-Glass”, the relationship between image and reality, and Lewis Carroll as a source of inspiration. A video interview.



The Art of Portraiture (1/14/2013)
The Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming about his "Red Self-Portrait", the art of portraiture, and mortality as an engine of artistic work. A video interview (in French).




Explosives, humor and film (9/24/2012)
Artist Roman Signer in a video interview. Why his art is more vibrant than that from Joseph Beuys, and what role humor plays in his video works. 14 pieces of his video work are now a permanent installation on the HSG campus. (in German).

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