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Experience art

Find out all about the link between science, art and architecture. Take part in one of our guided art tours.

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The University of St.Gallen is more than just a place of learning. Our university is home to many important works of art that are simply waiting to be discovered. The University of St.Gallen offers guided art tours at HSG for groups. Find out all about the link between science, art and architecture. Explore the world of modern art.

Art and architecture
We present our works of art differently - and nothing like a museum. Artwork is integrated in the architecture and the students’ day-to-day lives. Virtually all the artwork was created by the artists especially for the space for which it was destined and not simply tacked on afterwards. A dialogue of art and architecture is created that runs through all HSG buildings.

A variety of form
In the main building, which is considered an important 1960’s building above and beyond Swiss borders, art is the counterpart to the architecture. In the library building, built in 1989, the interaction between the works of art and the diversity of architectural forms has a narrative quality. The Executive Campus (1995) is an updated version of this considered fusion of art and architecture.

Works by Arp, Richter and Giacometti
One of the focuses in our main building is on works by surrealist artists that include Arp, Giacometti and Miró. The library building and executive campus house paintings and sculptures by neo-expressionist and Italian transavantgarde artists. Works are also showcased that reflect different periods of contemporary art. With works by Richter, Baumgarten, Burckhardt, Disler, Cucchi, Braque and Paladino, HSG boasts a collection of which any museum could be proud.

Further information
For further information and reservations, please contact the proArte student initiative. You can find contact information on the right in the context column. Our marketing and communications department can also provide more information.

Further information

View towards the glass pyramid of the university's Library Building surrounded by an autumnal scenery.


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